I’m a monkfish.

7 Sep
It tastes better than it looks.

Monkfish. Don’t be scared. It’s yummy!

Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA


Little Bird – Portland

27 Jun


Little Bird is a bistro by the Le Pigeon folks. (Le Pigeon is reportedly one of the best restaurants in Portland.) Here we enjoyed a starter of chicken terrine followed by soup with truffle cream and a grilled mushroom and a cheese sandwich on a wonderful baguette, presumably from the in-house bakery. Said bakery had the gorgeous little maccaroons below – so much work for a morsel barely bigger than a quarter.




Is that a baguette or are you just happy to see me? (Perhaps the bird isn’t so little after all.)

Rogue Distillery – Portland

27 Jun



Food Cart “deconstructed”

22 Jun

All this time I had no clue how it was done, but apparently what they do is put all this shit in a cone and it turns into something amazing. For clarification they posted a sign that politely pointed out that they don’t put ice cream in the cones. This could be easily mistaken so I am glad for the clarification.



Whiskey Soda Lounge

22 Jun


Whiskey Soda Lounge – hip, trendy spot owned by the folks that own Pok Pok (also hip and trendy). Since on vacation, we thought we would pretend to be hip and trendy. WSL was cleverly built by the Pok Pok owners to make money from all the folks waiting in a long line to eat at Pok Pok. We never made it across the street to Pok Pok, but tried a few things at WSL. Loves of salt and vinegar satisfied.

On the menu is a drawing of a cuttlefish, which looks a bit like a squid. A couple of pics below is a picture of a dried, smoked cuttlefish – kind of a cuttlefish jerky – served with a spicy-sweet sauce.


Whiskey Soda Lounge is known for its drinking vinegars, which they make in-house.  Patrons can order a vinegar and club soda beverage (no alcohol), and the vinegars are included in some of the cocktails. We had the celery vinegar soda. It tasted nice and fresh, but not much like celery. I think we had another, too, but it’s all running together now.


Behold, saltiest chicken wings ever. These were quite tasty, but by the end we needed a fire house shot into our mouths.  I may never be able to get my rings off.


Portland Farmers Market “Opening Day”

22 Jun







Even these gorgeous photos cannot do justice to the flowers and berries. The flowers throughout Washington and Oregon are amazing. Peonies are a big as my head. (Well, maybe not MY head, as it is large – big brain, you know.)

Mmmm… Piroshky Piroshky and more Pike Place Market

19 Jun


I first saw Piroshky Piroshky on No Reservations. What’s not to like about savory goodness in buttery pastry? That’s right – nothing. This place is tiny. Across the brick street from the fresh vendors at the market, it has just four bar stools across from this case of delights. The mushroom onion and celery Piroshky was an unbeatable breakfast.
The next batch was being made in the tiny work area.



This guy went to the same high school as Jason JET Terry. He and coworkers were Mavs fans and probably the friendliest folks we encountered. He wrapped up that peppered salmon jerky for us at City Fish Market. Good stuff.